What Happens To Women With PCOD As They Age?

PCOS- Common Reproductive Disorders

PCOS or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is considered as one of the common reproductive disorders in women. While it affects a woman’s ability to conceive, many have their questions as how PCOS affects women as they age. Thankfully, getting PCOD treatment in Chandigarh isn’t the hardest thing, with great hospitals for women care, but how does it affect in the long run. Here’s what doctors know as of now.

The basics – Experts now know that women with PCOS may have to wait a tad longer for menopause, and there can be a shift in how the hormones work. As the levels of androgen decrease, they are likely to get more regular periods with age, which is a good thing. PCOS has been linked with obesity in many studies, and it is also known that women with PCOS may have a bigger waist, even when they age. Their BMIs are likely to be higher as they got older. Insulin resistance is another concern for doctors, and studies show that the problems are likely to persist if the woman is overweight. As far as getting pregnant is concerned, they can always check for the best IVF hospital in Chandigarh to know more of the options.

Other aspects – It is important to understand that PCOS will not magically disappear with age, and some issues such as balding and unexpected hair growth in other parts of the body get worse with age. Women who are overweight need to be more careful with PCOS, because the after effects can be a matter of concern in the long run. Effective weight management and early treatment of PCOS is one of the best ways to get ahead with life. To know more, check online to find doctor in Chandigarh, and make sure to ask the right questions before starting treatment.

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