Trying To Conceive? Here Are the Do’s and Don’ts to Boost Fertility


Blame the contemporary lifestyle or other factors, there is running away from the fact that infertility is the on rise. More couples are seeking IVF treatment in Chandigarh than ever before, and clinics are dealing with more complications on a regular basis. In this post, we bring the dos and don’ts for boosting infertility.

  • Change your diet. We are addicted to fast food chains, and that has to change. While you don’t need to completely avoid junk for just getting pregnant, but what you eat has an impact on your overall health, so go for healthy choices.

Trying To Conceive? Here Are the Do's and Don'ts to Boost Fertility 1

  • Stop smoking and alcohol consumption. Yes, these two small but critical things can make a big difference to your body. Women, in particular, should consider staying away from tobacco in all forms, and if you have to do alcohol, decide a limit, and when possible, stick to wine.

Trying To Conceive? Here Are the Do's and Don'ts to Boost Fertility 2

  • Avoid stress. Stress has a direct impact on fertility, so if you are trying to get pregnant, be calm and stress-free as you can. If you talk to any infertility specialist in Chandigarh, they will tell you how stress can impact your chances of conceiving and continuing your pregnancy.

Trying To Conceive? Here Are the Do's and Don'ts to Boost Fertility 3

  • Exercise regularly. Problems like PCOS, hypothyroidism and other hormonal problems can impact your pregnancy and fertility, so make sure to include exercise in your regimen. Just keeping the weight in check can be hugely beneficial.


  • Avoid lubricants. Some lubricants have been known to impact the sperm, and if you are looking to increase your chances, avoided using these in the first place, unless lubrication is a problem in your sex life. Check with a hospital, where you can discuss more on infertility treatment in Chandigarh and get tips from the doctor.

A few lifestyle changes can change your life and chances of welcoming a baby.

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