As we have discussed in our previous blogs what is PCOS and how you can manage it naturally. Now we will discuss what is the medical treatment required for it.


The treatment depends on the age of the woman or girl, whether they are married or not, whether they want to have a baby or not, and the main problems faced by the woman like irregular periods, abnormal hair growth, weight gain, difficulty in conceiving or diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

The lifestyle changes which we discussed in our previous blog and listed below remain the cornerstone of any treatment. So in addition to medical treatment, these lifestyle changes have to be incorporated for the other treatments to be effective. The lifestyle changes include

  1. Proper diet You should take a proper well-balanced diet.

    Balanced diet
  2. Avoid processed packaged food like burgers, pizza, cold drinks, chips, chocolates, ice-cream, etc.
  3. Reduce inflammation by taking food or supplements containing omega 3 fatty acids.
  4. Exercise– You should regularly do some exercise or physical activity which will lead to Weight loss & Prevent weight regain.

  5. Maintain proper Body weight– Over 50 % of the women with PCOS are obese. Even reduction in weight by 5-10 % helps in improving the problems associated with irregular periods etc. 
  6. Avoid endocrine disruptors – these are chemicals which are present in plastics, deodorants, cleaning agents, washing powders, pesticides which mimic the effect of hormones like estrogens in your body and lead to further imbalance.
  7. Reduce stress– by doing some form of meditation or yoga.

For irregular/delayed menstrual cycles

If you have irregular or delayed cycles then the doctor will first

  • Start with lifestyle changes like exercise and weight loss.
  • Birth control pills can be used to regularize the periods if lifestyle changes are not effective.

    Birth control pills
  • Metformin can be used to improve insulin resistance helping in egg formation leading to regular periods. 

    metformin tablets

For hirsutism or abnormal excessive hair growth

We have the following options

  • Cosmetic therapy like laser or local cream can be used.

    cosmetic therapy
  • Birth control pill can be combined
  • Medicines to decrease male sex hormones can be added.

Infertility/ Difficulty in conception

  • Lifestyle changes-If you are having trouble conceiving, the doctor will first advise lifestyle changes.
  • Medicines/ injections are given for egg formation and monitoring is done with the help of ultrasound with planned relations at the time of egg release.

    egg formation

    Laparoscopic Surgery – If this doesn’t work, then we can do a surgery and make puncture holes in the ovaries to make it more sensitive to medicine for egg formation. At the same time, we can assess the condition of the uterus, tubes, and ovaries.

    Laparoscopic surgery

Cardiometabolic disease- For any disease like diabetes, hypertension, etc, the following are advised.

  • Lifestyle changes
  • Metformin

So if you are suffering from any of the features associated with PCOS, consult a doctor today who will help and guide you along the right path of treatment.

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