Dr. Poonam Garg

Dr. Poonam Kumar

Dr. Poonam is an alumnus of PGIMER, Chandigarh. After completing her senior residency, she got special training in laparoscopic Gynae surgery from Dr. Kurian of Chennai, one of the leading laparoscopic surgeons of the country. Her special interest is in counseling of pregnant women throughout antenatal period resulting in healthy mother and baby and higher chances of normal delivery.

Dr. Poonam is also an expert in infertility and Fetal Medicine. She got her training in infertility from reputed institutes in Germany and with her experience she has brought joy in life of large number of infertile couples. Dr. Poonam is highly skilled in conduced antenatal ultrasound to check for health of growing babies. She also conducts complicated procedures like amniocentesis, CVS etc and has long experience in laparoscopic Gynae surgeries

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