Precautions to take after Embryo Transfer

Precautions to take after Embryo Transfer

Congratulations!  This time after embryo transfer is both exciting as well as a stressful one for you. So we will discuss what precautions you need to take to improve your chances of success after embryo transfer.

These instructions cover several things that are important to know following your embryo transfer.


There is no good evidence supporting your need to be at bed rest following your embryo transfer. However, we recommend that you do not do any activities that will increase your heart rate, your body temperature, or your stress level for the next 48 hours. You can take a walk, do light exercises, climb stairs slowly and if you have a desk job you can go to work also. You can do light household work like cooking etc also.


Continue your progesterone (oral/injection/vaginal) and other oral and injectable medicines daily until instructed to stop.


You may experience some spotting. Please do not discontinue your progesterone, as this is one of the side effects of the medication.


Paracetamol can be taken, if needed. You may continue your prescription medications that are OK for use in pregnancy. You should continue to take folic acid daily. For any other medicines, consult your doctor before taking them. Don’t self medicate.


You will do a pregnancy test approximately 14 to 15 days after your embryo transfer. If the test is positive we will repeat the test in 2 days. 


You can travel back to your home town or native place or fly back if you have come from abroad a few days after your embryo transfer. It’s best to avoid any unnecessary travel during this period.


You should take good care of yourself during this time. Avoid alcohol and smoking (even second-hand smoke).


Eat a well-balanced diet preferably avoiding foods high in carbohydrate content. If you have been prescribed any specific diet like a diabetic diet then follow that.

Avoid taking fried or spicy food which may cause acidity or heartburn. Take plenty of liquids and fiber in the form of fruits, salads etc in your diet as the progesterone medicines may cause constipation. Avoid eating from outside as you may fall sick due to unhygienic food.


Refrain from intercourse until after your pregnancy test.


We know the waiting period can be very difficult. Try getting on with your activities as best as possible. If you can practice some form of relaxation therapy like Yog Nidra, or meditation etc then its best.

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If you have any questions or problems, please call the clinic at 0172 -4633138. If you are unable to reach anyone there and the problem is urgent, please call the physician on their mobile number.