IVF: Some Myths and Facts about it

There are some common myths related to IVF treatment. There is no accurate information available regarding the same. Everybody you talk to gives their own views and opinions regarding the same. So it’s always better to ask your doctor any queries you may have regarding IVF treatment.

Here we debunk some of the myths surrounding IVF treatment.

  • Myth: IVF is the solution for all infertility problems
  • Fact: False, IVF is one of the treatment options for infertility. There are other options like ovulation induction (OI) with medications, Intra Uterine Insemination (IUI).
  • Myth: IVF is only the last option
  • Fact: False, it can sometimes be the first treatment option as in women with bilateral blockage of tubes, severe male infertility and advanced age.
  • Myth: IVF is successful in all cases
  • Fact: False, IVF is successful in up to 40% of cases.  Success depends on a number of other factors like age of the female, cause of infertility, center’s expertise, biological and hormonal reasons, etc.
  • Myth: IVF requires admission in the hospital
  • Fact: False, it does not require overnight admission.  It is, by and large, an out-patient treatment. Only the egg-collection procedure requires day-care admission.

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