Low AMH levels? Don’t Panic!

Do you also have Low AMH Levels?

I had low AMH levels and even after that, I had delivered a healthy baby boy with the help of Chaitanya IVF Centre, Chandigarh. So here, I want to share my story, my journey on the road to motherhood. 

I am myself a medical professional, a doctor. I have married five years ago. My husband is an engineer by profession. I was pursuing my post graduation at the time. So we were staying in different cities and decided to take some time before thinking of starting a family.

Two years back we started staying together and started planning for a child. After one year of trying, we decided to approach our family gynecologist. The initial blood tests, ultrasound, and husband semen tests turned out to be normal. We started with three cycles of treatment with clomiphene citrate (Clomid) which is given for forming good quality eggs. The three attempts were unsuccessful.

I then underwent a test to check if my fallopian tubes are blocked or open. A dye is injected through the cervix and an X-ray is taken to check if there is a spill of dye from the tubes. This test was normal and we were planning to undergo three cycles of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI). But a blood test was done to check my ovarian reserve which is known as Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH).

It came as a shock to me that my AMH level was only 0.43 ng/ml. We consulted various fertility specialists. All of them advised very poor chances of conception doing IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) with own eggs and advised us to go for egg donation IVF. But we were not emotionally and mentally ready to accept the same.

Then my family doctor told me about Chaitanya IVF Center, Chandigarh. We visited them and the doctors there explained all the pros and cons of low AMH levels and implications of going ahead with IVF treatment using own eggs and we were totally reassured by the empathetic, understanding approach of the doctors and staff at Chaitanya IVF.  

Then we decided to go ahead with the treatment. My ovaries were stimulated with mild/ low dose hormonal injections and a total of 3 eggs were retrieved, out of which 2 were mature. A total of one good quality embryo was formed which was transferred into my womb. I conceived in the same cycle and was delivered of a healthy baby boy at term.

So don’t get disheartened if you have been diagnosed and having Low AMH Levels. You need to consult your doctor who will tailor the treatment protocol on the basis of your history, examination, ultrasound and other tests.

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