What is the cost of IVF Treatment in Chandigarh?

This is a common thought process among the patients undergoing IVF treatment that it’s a very expensive process and we are being charged a lot for it.

So what is the breakdown of the IVF cost in Chandigarh, at best IVF center in Chandigarh

The IVF package typically includes

  • Consulting Doctor Fees
  • Follicular Monitoring Charge under Ultrasound guidance- when the doctor monitors the egg formation by use of hormone injections
  • Operation Theater Charges when the female is admitted for egg retrieval
  • Anesthetist Fees & Anesthesia Drugs while undergoing egg retrieval
  • Egg Retrieval Charges
  • Embryo Transfer Charges
  • Investigations ( Estrogen/ Progesterone) during the IVF cycle
  • The Drugs & Embryology Charges include the
  • Cost of IVF Drugs ( hormone injections) administrated during the 8-10 days of Controlled Ovarian Stimulation Period for formation of multiple eggs
  • Embryology (IVF) and Andrology  Lab Charges
  • Cost of IVF Consumables, Media & Disposables utilized during the IVF Procedure
  • Embryologist Fees.

Typically the IVF treatment package may or may not include charges for the following

  • All investigations prior to undergoing IVF cycle,
  • Endometrial Biopsy/ laparoscopy / hysteroscopy/
  • any complication related to IVF procedure, requiring additional investigations or treatment


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