Is It Possible To Get Pregnant With Irregular Periods? Know How

Irregular periods, generally speaking, do make it hard for women to get pregnant, but yes, you can expect good news, especially with the treatments now available. Infertility in women is often linked to their period cycles, and while that does impact your chances, there is still hope. If you visit an infertility treatment center in Chandigarh, the doctors, in all likeliness, will recommend a few tests to find the possible hormonal and other reasons that might be impacting your period cycles adversely. Here’s more on how you can get pregnant with irregular periods.

  • Frequent sex- When you are not sure when and if you are ovulating, frequent sex with your partner can give you a better window to get pregnant. Keep in mind that even doctors recommend natural means of conception.
  • Medication for regulating periods- If you have conditions such as PCOS, your doctor may first recommend taking birth control pills and other medicines to regulate the periods. In some cases, this is the first approach.
  • Medication that aid in getting pregnant- In case the ovulation is irregular, doctors may prescribe drugs for the same. The common drug used for ovulatory dysfunction is called Clomid, and there are other alternatives, as well.
  • Through IVF- Visit an IVF hospital in Chandigarh to know if this is an option for you. For many couples, IVF is a boon for assisted reproduction, and even if the woman is unable to donate eggs, an egg donor can be considered.
  • Lifestyle Changes- Women who are obese are likely to have period issues, which impacts their chances of getting pregnant. Even losing 5 kg of weight can make a big difference and get the periods back on track.

Find a good hospital that offers better information and choices for assisted reproduction and has facilities like ventilator in Chandigarh.

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