How your Monthly Cycle Go Back to Normal With PCOS Treatment?

How your Monthly Cycle Go Back to Normal?

Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is one of the common gynaecological problems in fertile women. Women with PCOS produce higher levels of male hormones, which affect the ovaries and interfere with menstrual cycles. The term ‘polycystic’ basically refers to many cysts. Coming to PCOS Treatment, doctors usually use a mix of medications and lifestyle changes. Chaitanya hospital, one of the best for gynaecological problems in India, offers everything that young women need for doing better with PCOS.


Getting treated

Treatment for PCOS includes use of birth control pills with selected drugs that are typically used for treating diabetes. Birth control pills will help in restoring regular menstruation and will offer relief from certain symptoms including hair growth. Pills are also effective for protection against endometrial cancer. Metformin is another drug that’s used for PCOS treatment, mainly to improve insulin levels. Combined with diet and exercise, metformin can help with weight loss and will reduce blood sugar levels. If you are trying to get pregnant, Clomiphene can be prescribed. Supplements of D3 and other vitamins can be recommended. Doctors from Chaitanya hospital usually suggest maintaining a certain kind of lifestyle, which can prevent most of the complications related to PCOS.

Getting back to normal

With birth control pills, periods will get normal but for ensuring ovulation, weight loss and diet are more than important. Talk to the doctors of Chaitanya hospital to know how you can manage PCOD better. It is also important to follow the treatment schedule, and depending on the results of subsequent ultrasound, your doctor may start or stop a few medications. PCOS may make it hard to get pregnant, but it is not life threatening and can be managed.

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