Getting Pregnant – Top Preconception Tips

Getting Pregnant – Top Preconception Tips


Pregnancy is an exciting journey for all newlywed couples. It is so dreamy and they aspire a lot during the process of ‘trying to conceive”.

Also, while you plan to start your family, you tend to get pieces of advice from every experienced couple or person you meet. But remember, besides all those friendly bits of advice, there are a few tips and tricks from experts which you should follow to conceive faster or without any problem.

So, if you are thinking to start a family, then this article is for you!
Here we are sharing top preconception tips to help you get pregnant faster.

1.  Folic  Acid Consumption:

Start taking folic acid daily before conception and continue it during the first three months of pregnancy. This vitamin is required for the proper development of the brain and spine of your baby. By the time you miss your periods and come to know you are pregnant, the baby’s organs have already formed. So you need to start folic acid beforehand as you don’t know through which cycle you will conceive.


2.  Limit Alcohol Intake:

Any amount of alcohol drinking during pregnancy can cause defects in the baby. Excessive alcohol intake also damages the heart and liver of the mother. So you should stop drinking alcohol while planning a pregnancy.

3.   Quit Smoking:

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to complication such as affecting the growth of a baby in the womb, premature delivery and can also affect the newborn’ health being weak and underweight. Thus, quit smoking now if you are planning to grow your family.

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4.   Healthy Diet:

When trying to conceive, women should take a healthy diet with more fruits, vegetables, and nuts, multigrain.

Did you know?

In a research conducted in 2018 on midwives in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and Ireland asked 5598 women about their diet. Compared to women who ate fruit 3 or more times a day in the month before conception, women who ate fruit less than 1-3 times a day took half a month longer to become pregnant. Similarly, compared to women who never or rarely ate fast food, women who consumed fast food 4 or more times a week took nearly a month longer to become pregnant.

So, you should eat more fruits and avoid eating fast food or junk food as much as possible!!!

Other Tips:

  • Intake dairy food items for building a healthy body and preparing it for pregnancy.
  • Avoid the intake of red meat and fish with high levels of environmental contamination.
  • Take isoflavone supplements such as soybeans, and soy products, peanuts, pistachios, etc.
  • Moderate or abstain your caffeine and alcohol intake.
  • Overweight women with PCOS should take a low carbohydrate diet.

5.  Regular Exercise:

Physical activity is a health-promoting behavior as it reduces risks of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Physical activity during pregnancy leads to a healthier pregnancy and a healthy baby. Most of the studies in women trying to conceive have reported beneficial effects of moderate physical activity whereas high intensity, vigorous physical activity delays time to natural pregnancy.

6. Practice Some Relaxation/Meditation Techniques to stay as stress-free as possible.


7.  Know about your fertile period:

Try to make relation around the time of ovulation to increase your chances of getting pregnant. You can find your ovulation period here.

8.   Don’t use lubricants, jellies or any products which are harmful to sperm while having intercourse.

Tips for Male Partner:

According to different medical research, it has been noticed that:-

  • Obesity is linked to lower sperm count and quality in men.
  • Strenuous physical labor and taking multiple medicines are known to reduce sperm count.
  • Taking body-building medications or androgens can affect sperm formation.
  • Diabetes and uncontrolled blood sugars affect sperm quality and can also lead to erectile dysfunction.
  • Having high blood pressure changes the shape of sperm thereby reducing fertility.

So, the male partner should:

  • Take a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, nuts, multigrain.
  • Reduce saturated fats in the diet.
  • Take antioxidant supplements.
  • Quit smoking.
  • Take alcohol and caffeine in moderation.
  • Control your blood pressure and blood sugars.
  • Take medications only on the advice of your doctor.
  • Don’t take bodybuilding medications or androgens.
  • If you are obese or overweight- reduce weight.

We hope you attain your goal of starting a family soon but if you are still facing difficulty in conceiving, consult your doctor at the earliest to help or guide you. Also, if you are residing in the vicinity of Chandigarh city then, Chaitanya IVF Centre has a great reputation. Visit the hospital if you have any confusion or any problem while conceiving.

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