Embryo Glue- When it can be used?

Embryo Glue- When it can be used?

What is Embryo Glue?

Embryo Glue is a special media for embryo transfer with an abundant amount of hyaluronan, which aids in the implantation of embryos. So, improve conception rates in IVF cycles.

Embryo glue is just a media enriched with Hyaluronan which occurs naturally in the uterus and helps in the process of implantation. Incubating embryos for some hours before embryo transfer and transferring with Embryo Glue may help in enhancing implantation rates.

When Embryo Glue should be used?

  • Embryo Glue can be used in patients with multiple IVF failures.
  • Patients who have all optimum conditions for success like the excellent quality of embryos and Endometrium but, the embryo still fails to implant.
  • Patients with 35+ yrs of age can use Embryo Glue to enhance their chances of conception in the IVF cycle.

We at Chaitanya IVF offering patients to utilize Embryo Glue at the time of Embryo Transfer to enhance their chances to be parents.

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