4 Common Myths And Misconceptions Of PCOS

Common Myths And Misconceptions Of PCOS

Women health is one of the main fear all across the world. Good physical condition is important for living a satisfying life. Some of the general health issues that harm women and what should be done to protect you from these problems is of prime importance. Women undergo numerous emotional, psychological and hormonal changes all through her life. From teen age to marriage and later on to child bearing and menopause can result in many problems. All this can lead to diverse hormonal or gynecological disorders.  The most common disorder is PCOS which leads to lot of complications in women.

Let us have a look at 4 myths an misconceptions of having an PCOS disorder:

Myth 1, you cannot conceive a baby

It is true that PCOS make the conception difficult but many women have successfully conceived a baby with right type of treatment. If you have cyst in ovaries and diagnosed with PCOS and having issues in having a baby speak to an infertility specialist in Chandigarh for the right treatment.

Myth 2, caused by hormonal changes

PCOS is mostly caused by hormonal changes but there are other symptoms like excess insulin production or genetics that can cause PCOS.  Women with this order are obese, so it is important for them to change their lifestyle in order to lead a healthy life.

Myth 3, women with PCOS have same symptoms

The symptoms differ from person to person. Sometime it starts slowly then gradually gets worse. As soon as you see any change in your body you must go for a check up to diagnose it on early stage and start the treatment on time.

Myth 4, Diabetes causes PCOS

Research says that high insulin resistance and diabetes can cause PCOS but it is not always right. Women are advised to get a diabetes check up done if they see any changes in weight gain.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising daily. If you are looking for PCOS treatment in Chandigarh, contact Chaitanya Hospital for the best PCOS treatment.

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