Things Every Woman Needs to Know About PCOD

All the Things Every Woman Needs to Know About PCOD

PolyCystic Ovary Disease ( PCOD ) also known as Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome ( PCOS) effects nearly 10 %  of women capable of child bearing. Although the numbers suggest it to be a common affliction, very less information is known about the problem and even medical experts have less information regarding the causes and the effects which PCOD can have on women. With the complications this could cause for women, it is important to know more about PCOD and the symptoms.

As a starter, here are 10 things that every woman needs to know about PCOD.

  1. It is a hormonal Disorder :

In women with PCOD, the ovaries secrete more male hormones than what they do in a normal woman. The excess of these male hormones called androgens result in – missing periods, increase in body hair, acne, increase body weight etc. The follicle which is supposed to break open every month actually sticks and forms a cyst in women with PCOD, which in return produces androgen. Hence, medical experts or not sure if the cyst is the result or the cause of PCOD.

  1. Cysts are just a part :

    Although PCOD is identified by Cysts, it is just one of the problems. Identifying the cysts would be at the later stage of the problem. The doctor may start diagnosis through symptoms like irregular periods, acne , excessive hair growth etc.

  1. Not realising the problem:

    In many of the cases, the problem of PCOD is not even recognized. Many women consider it to be as part of the menstrual problems and tend to ignore it. However it is advised to consult a doctor when any such symptoms are noticed.

  1. Can be missed by best of doctors :

    The symptoms and the problems are main. Most of the doctors while treating the symptoms might not be able to diagnose PCOD , as they would be treating for the problem in their own specialization.

  1. Main causes of Infertility :

    Data and research show that PCOD is one of the main causes of infertility in women. The effect that PCOD has on the normal ovulation process in women reduces the chances of getting pregnant. Infertility treatment Center in Chandigarh can help provide solution to the problem.

  1. Insulin has a role:

    It is observed that women with PCOD are insulin resistant. They tend to produce more insulin which in turn results in an increased amount of testosterone. This male hormone in turn leads to PCOD.

  1. Secondary health issues :

    There are other secondary health issues that PCOD can lead to , which includes – heart diseases, Type 2 diabetes, High cholesterol etc . This makes it all the more important to know about PCOD.

  1. Does not have a cure:

    Currently there is no cure available for PCOD but it can be managed through proper medical consultation and right practices. PCOD treatment in Chandigarh is available to assist with the problem.

  1. Depression:

    PCOD is known to cause depression in women. Nearly a third of the women with PCOD have higher chances of being prone to depression.

  1. Many suffer from it :

    As cited earlier, nearly 10 % of the women have the problem of PCOD and hence this problem is quite common in women. In many cases it might not be detected but still it is a common problem and there is no need to feel being singled out.

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