Easiest Ways to Improve Your Odds of Getting Pregnant

Infertility is one of the many concerns for the current generation. With sedentary lifestyle and so many other factors in play, men and women are dealing with similar problems. While you can always a visit a hospital that has doctors on call 24 hour, you need to do your bit to increase your odds of getting pregnant. Here’s what you need to know.

  • Focus on your diet- Believe it or not, our lifestyle affects our body in different ways, and if you are trying to get pregnant, you should be eating healthy.
  • Take prenatal vitamins- Not just during your pregnancy, but also before that.

Easiest Ways to Improve Your Odds of Getting Pregnant 1

  • Check your cycle- There are ovulation kits available in the market for that.
  • Don’t use lubricants- Lubricants can impact the sperm quality, so avoid that to the extent possible.
  • Don’t consume caffeine and alcohol- Both affect your chances of carrying a healthy pregnancy ahead.

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  • Avoid stress- As hard as it may sound, but stress impacts our hormones and can affect chances of getting pregnant.
  • Quit smoking- It is essential to STOP smoking when you are trying to get pregnant.
  • Maintain your body weight- An obese BMI can invite health conditions that may prevent you from becoming a mother. Makes sure to maintain your body weight.
  • Timing matters- Besides using an ovulation kit, make sure that you trying for a baby all through the month, because you are never sure when the time is right.

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